Following these simple steps will help you clean closets, make money, and be kind to our earth….all at the same time!

First... Learn what season’s items are being accepted at this time. Just like department stores, our customers want us to stock what they are looking for NOW!! If you have any questions about particular items, please call us.

Summer Items Fall Items Winter Items
May 15th - Aug 15th Aug 15th - Oct 15th Oct 15th - Feb 15th
Holiday Dresses Spring Items
November Feb 15th - May 15th

Second…Keep in mind what we are looking for. We take sizes 0 and up. Stylish, contemporary department store brands as well as designer and vintage items. Please no economy brands (Wal-Mart, K-mart, etc.) and no wedding gowns or maternity clothing please.

Third…Sort your no longer needed items into two piles. Clothing that is still in great shape and current in fashion should go into your Free the Monkey pile. Things with flaws, holes, stains, or any that are not in style should go into a pile for you to donate to your favorite charity.

Fourth…Prepare your garments. Clean and fragrance free sells the best! All items must be smoke free. The cleanliness and appearance of your garments is crucial. All garments must be freshly cleaned and laundered. They do not have to be on hangers, but neatly in a bag or box.

We urge you to check each garment in bright daylight for:

Fifth... Get your things into Free the Monkey!!! Consignments can be dropped off anytime during store hours. Your items will be entered into our computer system with your own account number and placed on the sales floor for 60 days.

There…the not so hard part is done. Your closets are clean and as your items sell, you get 45% of the selling price. You can use this balance in the store for store credit or you can come to the store to pick up cash or a check.